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D A Ridalls Trading

04 - Oct - 2011

See the Devon Coast As You've Never Seen it Before!


Boat Fishing Trips in Dartmouth

Welcome to D A Ridalls Trading

For boat fishing trips in Dartmouth, call on our experienced and fully qualified skippers. Here at D A Ridalls Trading, we provide fishing trips and wildlife sightseeing cruises across some of the UK's most stunning and diverse coastlines. Our boats are fully licensed for up to 12 passengers and we travel up to 60 miles from safe haven, to provide fantastic fishing and great views.

Wildlife Cruises in Dartmouth

The Devon Coastline is some of the richest and most biologically diverse in the British Isles and the best place to see it is out at sea. D A Ridalls Trading offers you the opportunity to see the coastline in a completely new light. We offer our service to individuals, groups and corporate clients;

  • Passenger trips
  • Wildlife trips
  • Fishing
  • Sightseeing
  • Yacht deliveries
  • Powered and sail-driven journeys

Whether you're arranging a stag do or a day out for a community group, we will be happy to help out. Our wildlife cruises in Dartmouth are an outstanding way to spend a day out. We can also provide an outstanding bay fishing experience.

Sightseeing Boat Trips in Devon

We have the perfect boat for sightseeing boat trips in Devon; the Saltwind. Saltwind is a 40ft Aquastar that has been providing cruises to the Channel Islands, Torbay and beyond for many years. It is a reliable and sturdy boat and you can find out more about it by visiting our main website.

Call Us

So, to learn more or to book a trip, call us today on 07854 051 266. You can also e-mail us by filling in the form on our 'Contact Us' page at any time. We have been cruising these waters for over 25 years so, for in depth knowledge and a fantastic trip, call us today to discuss wildlife and fishing trips in Dartmouth.

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